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Commercial Frozen Yogurt & Soft Serve Machines

At York Simcoe Refrigeration Ltd., we offer a great selection of soft serve ice cream and frozen treat machines. Our selection includes combination machines that feature shake dispensers. We can help you select the right product that will work for you. Stop by and visit us in Bolton to see what we have available.

Soft Serve

When it comes to frozen treats, the secret to serving the perfect product is using the right equipment. Being the pioneers in soft serve equipment and commercial frozen yogurt machines, Electro Freeze® offers only the best in the industry. Electro Freeze offers single flavor and swirl options, as well as both high-capacity and space-saving models. Being our bestsellers, all of the soft serve equipment and commercial frozen yogurt machines are guaranteed to be durable, easy to maintain and guaranteed to yield a profit. And as usual, customer service is guaranteed for all Electro Freeze commercial soft serve equipment and commercial frozen yogurt machines.


For added convenience and greater variety for your customers, Electro Freeze offers combination models that double as shake and soft serve equipment. The pressurized machines always deliver the perfect consistency that’s as good as handmade. The soft serve equipment dispenses single flavors with precision, making it ideal for cones and sundaes. The newer model features a shake dispenser with a head-mounted mixer that works to blend flavors and crumb toppings as the frozen drink is dispensed.

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